Executive Coaching

Individual executive coaching is a leader’s opportunity to actually design their most beneficial impact. What is the impact, the result, that you want to create to add maximum value? And how do you personally have to show up to make your impact most beneficial for your organization, yourself, and others?

F A S T   T R A C K

High performing senior executive leaders usually want to accelerate their leadership development. Executives with big visions need to create big results in the organization. Executive coaching gets you there. Faster.

B E Y O N D   T A L K

Executive Coaching isn’t just a nice, supportive, open-ended conversation. Strong coaching is practical, designed with specific development goals, and helps you achieve results.

S T R A T E G I C   V I S I O N

Senior leadership coaching helps leaders create and implement their strategy for future business growth and sustainability. Specific key areas for coaching include: vision/strategy development, team alignment, and execution.

I N F L U E N T I  A L   P R E S E N C E

Leadership isn’t just about what you do; it’s also about who you are. Good executive coaching addresses the powerful presence that leaders need for real influence.

W H A T   T O   E X P E C T   F R O M   V A L ’ S   C O A C H I N G

  • Listening at a very deep level
  • Truth-telling even when it’s hard to hear
  • Challenge to demonstrate your best performance


  • Customized
    Fits your goals and interests

  • Integration
    Integrates with Talent Management and Human Resource strategies

  • Sessions
    Usually 1–2 hours, on-site or virtual 

  • Engagement
    Usually bi-weekly or weekly for 6–12 months

  • On-Call
    Available as needed between sessions

"Val helped me with virtual coaching at a time when it was still being developed. She and I had a great connection, even over the Atlantic, and Val helped me gain perspective."

CC, VP Sales Operations, Finland, Telecommunications Industry