Do you have people reporting to you? Then, as their manager or executive, you are responsible for assisting in their professional development. That is one of the dimensions on your personal performance appraisal. How do you fit this into your busy day, and do it well? Here is the solution:

Have a 90-minute developmental meeting with each of your direct reports. The outcome should be a written development plan including the person’s top three strengths and top three skill areas that need development.

Some of these skill areas can be developed by sending your person to a training class. But for higher-level skills—leadership, personal development, interpersonal skills—get your person a coach to work specifically on these 3 areas. Decide the type of feedback you need to know how well the coaching is working.

Choose a coach based on education, experience, and prior results with clients. (For more information on this subject see Val’s article “10 Things to Look for When Hiring a Coach“)

When you complete your own annual accomplishments you will be able to list the results that your staff produced; because you were wise enough to get them a Coach!

To read more on the most important leadership skills that you and your people should have, get the book: Executive Foundation. For developing a staff that is geographically dispersed, get the book Virtual Leadership. These are available in the store.