Would you like to feel more powerful? My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz. Surprisingly, this movie helped me develop my business mission as a coach. Remember when Dorothy is afraid that she’ll never get home to Kansas? Glinda, the Good Witch, tells her to just click her heels because “she had the power all along….” Dorothy had not realized that.

As a Personal Coach, my mission is to work with my clients to remind them of their own power. The world is moving so fast that we often think we are “at the effect” of external events vs. being “at cause” in our lives. We feel overwhelmed by corporate downsizing, doing more work with less people, more traffic on the road, kids demanding our attention, no time to exercise or relax. We have forgotten that we always have the power to choose the life we really want to have.

You may have to do a little more than click your heels. However, you can custom design your career and relationships so that they are just right for you.

Here is a top ten list to help you start:


  1. Stop complaining, start requesting.
    Complaining doesn’t change things. Requesting action does. “Who,” specifically do you have to ask to do “what,” so that things improve?
  2. Say “No.”
    You don’t need a fancy time management system. Start telling the truth about what you can and cannot do. Say no to things you truly don’t want to do.
  3. Align your career with your values.
    Work becomes easier and joyful when it matches what you believe in . Identify your top three values and see how well your career matches those values.
  4. Embrace the concept of “effortlessness.”
    Start doing things the easier way. “Attract” what you want in life vs. working so hard to “sell yourself.” This is a whole new way of being.
  5. Meditate 10 minutes a day.
    Learn a technique that fits a busy lifestyle. When you slow down you’ll find your power is more available. You’ll “see” more.
  6. Drop your “image.”
    How many things are you doing to impress others so they’ll view you in a certain way? Have the internal confidence to drop them. Real power does not need this.
  7. Stop being an adrenaline addict.
    This is a big conversation. Realize that your own adrenaline: your rushing, driving yourself to succeed, is a drug. Adrenaline works in a crisis but it’s not a way to live.
  8. Get some new friends.
    Surround yourself only with people who support you and show their support.
  9. Just do it.
    Who do you think “decides” that you are powerful? You do. Real power is not given by money or title. Decide who you really are.
  10. Know that “belief creates experience.”
    We often think we develop beliefs based on what happens to us. Consider an alternative: First we choose a belief, and then we create events.

This top ten list is a start. The key is to actually get into action to re-create your life.

And did I mention, if you want help getting into action get yourself a personal coach!

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